Take your friendship to a next level with MTJF

Do you hold back expressing your feelings for your friends due to fear of rejection? MTJF is a sure shot way of finding if your friend is interested in you too!


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Like Your Friends

MTJF pulls contact list from your phone, where you can secretly Like your friend. If your friend likes you too, it's a Match!


Send a Hint

Send Hint to make it easier for your Friends to know who you are, while still keeping your identity a secret.


Chat Anonymously

With replies to hint, you can chat anonymously with your friends!


Ask without Hesitation

Swipe across the activity you are interested in. If your friend too is interested in the same, you will get a Match!



Express without risking your Friendship

Expressing your feelings comes with a big risk of making things awkward if your friend doesn't feel the same for you. Not with MTJF. MTJF's double opt-in mechanism ensures that a person knows about the other person liking him/her, only when they both Like each other.


No Fake Accounts!

While the other Dating apps are filled with millions of fake accounts, MTJF guarantees you that you will never come across a fake account. MTJF verifies each user using Mobile number & OTP verification mechanism. So that you can always be sure that you are talking to the person you intend to talk to.


Get Dates Without Getting Judged

Are you afraid of other people finding your profile on a dating app? With MTJF, only the people you match with can see your profile. So no-one knows about your profile except for the ones you Match.